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This girl (aka me) is moving to South Africa for her studies. This blog will not only capture my great, great memories during my time but will also serve as a place to vent, complain and share my rawwww emotions (lol). Feel free to read about my daily, awesome experiences in this exciting new chapter of my life. In case you do not want to do that, you can leave! That's okay! I won't be mad! (I'm a virgo, ofc I will be mad)
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Day 33-35 A weekend in Port Alfred

Day 33-35 A weekend in Port AlfredDay 33-35 A weekend in Port AlfredDay 33-35 A weekend in Port AlfredDay 33-35 A weekend in Port AlfredDay 33-35 A weekend in Port AlfredDay 33-35 A weekend in Port AlfredDay 33-35 A weekend in Port Alfred

Friday started with bad weather, it had been storming all night already and in the morning grey clouds and fog were coming down the mountains. Thank gooood we would be leaving to Port Alfred this weekend - is what everyone thought even though the weather was predicted to be just as bad there as it was here. After Craig‘s very long lecture which included a power cut and several yawns, we were done and I thought we could leave immediately. Because that was the way it was planned. But since we are talking about a group of 12 people here, only two were actually done with packing. Guess who was one of the two!!! So that meant waiting for the others, actually even worse, waiting for the others without WiFi. After an hour we then went to Port Alfred finally. It felt like a very long drive somehow. The music was bad as well, probably because it was Dutch.We made a quick stop (not quick really because group!!!!) at Nanaga and had lunch there. And then continued to Port Alfred.In the last ten minutes Merel put on German songs “for me”. Thanks Merel. Not necessary but sure. So we were all singing to “Atemlos” although Jolien knew the whole song and I just knew the chorus. And the first two sentences. In between that we went to Henrico’s house to meet his monkey. Her name was Gaby and she was a capuchin. It was the saddest and most terrified little thing I have ever seen. She was in a cage when we arrived and his mum welcomed us, she was super cute and nice. She put a nappy on the monkey and got her out and then made a row to “greet” everyone. She jumped on the peeps shoulder and then jumped back to Henrico’s mum. When she reached me, she jumped on and jumped off and then ran away. She walked out the balcony door and hid there. It was sooooo sad omg. She then had to be “caught” with a broom. I couldn’t even watch.There was a speedster room on the balcony and Henrico said that especially I shouldn’t go in there.I didn’t understand the “shouldn’t” so I went in and saw all the hunted animals his family had shot. Leopards, elephants, rhinos etc etc etc. I was glad to leave the place.We arrived at our accommodation and were shooooook. Not only was it directly at the beach but you could also rent a fish!!! And the Chalets in which we stayed were beautiful. It was such a shame that it literally rained all day and somehow everything inside was wet as well. After we arrived we all got ready to have dinner and then go out. I was actually quite excited for that. Jolien did my make up and it was very sparkly 😌We went to Tasha’s for dinner and drinks. I shared a vegetable platter with Tanja and it was literally all fried vegetables #balance #healthyeating. In the meantime something had happened to Henrico’s grandma and he was not in a good mood at all. He even cried. At that point I thought his grandma died and that woke some bad memories. But apparently that wasn’t it. Shame that no one told me because I could have saved some tears! Whatever. He was angry and he wanted to punch someone. So that basically meant he needed a baby sitter for the whole night. Thankfully it wasn’t me. I just made him promise me to not punch someone tonight (and not hunt elephants and leopards). Everyone was pretty drunk, especially the three girls who were in a relationship. I find it pretty weird how they behaved tbh. Those who were in a relationship did the most flirting and dancing with guys. I mean I get it, your boy is far away and stuff but still? For me it was a night of 70% bad techno music, wondering about how the boyfriends of the girls would feel if they’d see this and drinking gin and tonic and water because I am a hydrated b. Mila and me were about to leave at one point already but then decided to stay. I don’t really know why. But it was okay. In the end the club closed at 2 anyway. Some other stuff happened as well and I would looooove to talk about it but it’s just toooooo weirdddddd and irritating!!! The others jumped into the car of Henni but Mila, Jolien and I wanted to walk as Mila thought our chalets were directly next to the club. And she was right, we were literally 5 steps away from our house. At that point it was pouring rain and we were all soaked. Bram had followed us at one point as well, probably because he was worried about Mila. I can only repeat what I said about Mila before, I am shit jealous about her appearance but I am also not ready to spend that much time on posing, taking pictures and searching for the perfect outfit. So I might as well accept myself right!!! Next day, I was of course awake at 6:30AM, I mean why not? It’s not like I went to bed at 3AM! Annelijn had spent the night at the other chalets place as the group had once again split up in two. I have found out that there is a name for the ones I do not really hang out with, apparently they have called themselves the “original group” and then there is us- the 5 others. How inclusive! I got out of bed and started stretching. I also tried to watch tv but I didn’t manage to turn the receiver on... it was probably the rest of the gin and tonic. I also made tea and then my mum told me to try and sleep again, so that’s what I did. And I slept until 11! That’s the longest I slept in yeaaarssss! When I went down stairs other people were awake as well and breakfast was awaiting us at the other chalet which was really nice of them. I had “breakfast” and then I would have liked to eat some pizza. But somehow I was the only one who wanted that. Shirley wrote me a whatsapp saying “we need to talk” which made me panic a little bit, but we did need to talk about the thing I can not talk about because it’s too weird!!!!!We then tried to talk while doing the dishes but that didn’t really work out. We continued our day without the second group and I was very glad about that. I already felt like locking myself in a room for 5 days and not come out, so this was somehow close to that. We also found out that there is a spa. Sadly spas offer waxing, so that’s what I chose to do. Not very spa like! Later then we went food shopping and I got lots of chocolate. We finally went for lunch at some point and I had the bestest food I have had here so far. It was chicken pita in a piri piri sauce. Or maybe it was just the hangover which made it taste so good. We went to another mall at some point and were disappointed by not finding anything nice, so we went back to the chalets. For that evening we planned to go into a tent which was built up near a country club. Since there was a live band and it was supposed to close at 12 I was up for that. It could not be worse music than the night before I thought. We then got ready again and went for dinner at a different place. They were first not happy to have 12 people without a reservation. But after some time it seemed fine. I shared a chocolate cake with Mila, actually not a chocolate cake but a Bar One Chocolate Cake with ice-cream! It was the beeeest!Merel asked if she could have a bite while already going for it with a fork and I said “no” and looked her dead in the eye. She was so surprised that she talked Dutch. At that point it was already 10PM. Until we had paid and were all done with finishing our drinks it was 10:30PM. And that meant we had 1 1/2 hours to get to the tent to then leave again. It was then decided to just go back to the club where we were the night before since it was so close to home and I could just leave whenever I wanted, I was fine with that as well. So I hopped into the car since Jolien was so nice to drive us there but then it turned out that the club was closed. On a Saturday. A closed club. Ok? Sure? Guess what I decided then! I decided to just go to sleep because tbh I didn’t want to go out again anyway and I was hella tired. 


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